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"5 Stars all the way! We are looking to open our own rehab and fitness facility and took Ciara's equine kinesiology taping course. It was AMAZING and Ciara is the BEST! Loaded with info, Ciara is a great teacher. She remains available even after the class for questions when you start practicing on your own. Highly recommend her classes!"
"I had a great time learning from Ciara! I can tell she is passionate about helping horses to feel and perform optimally AND to make sure her students are confident in applying tape, and why. I highly recommend her class!
"Highly recommend Sozo Equine!! Ciara is an amazing teacher, and the class is very in depth. I feel confident in the fact that I had a full understanding of the anatomy and taping applications once I had finished the course. I also appreciate her support and availability if any questions came up after the class, she was always willing to help"

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2


    • Anatomy Resources

    • Skeleton

    • Skeleton PDF

    • Superficial Muscles - Head, Neck and Trunk

    • Superficial Muscles - Forelimb

    • Superficial Muscles - Hind Limb

    • Superficial Muscle Anatomy PDF

    • Superficial Muscle Quiz

    • Lymphatic System

    • Lymphatic Quiz

    • Fascia

    • Fascia PDF

    • Fascia Quiz

    • Fascial Lines Resource

    • Documentation of Fascial Dissection

    • Documentation of Deep Fascial Lines

  • 3

    Elastic Kinesiology Tape

    • How The Tape Works

    • How The Tape Works PDF

    • Tape Quiz

    • Evaluation Process

    • Evaluation Process PDF

    • Full Body Scan

    • Tape Cuts and Tears

  • 4

    Muscle Applications

    • Intro to Muscle Applications

    • Muscle Application Resource

    • Superficial Glute Application

    • Biceps Femoris Application

    • Hamstring Application

    • Tensor Fascia Lata (TFL)

    • Quadriceps

    • Longissimus Dorsi (Back) Application

    • (Neck) Brachiocephalicus/Omotransversarius

    • Triceps/Delt Application

    • External Abdominal Oblique Application

    • Supraspinatus Application

  • 5

    Circulation Applications

    • Intro to Circulation Applications

    • Circulation - Coronary Band

    • Circulation - Hamstrings

    • Circulation - Lower Leg

    • Circulation - Knee

    • Circulation - TMJ/Masseter

  • 6

    Fascia Applications

    • Intro to Fascia Applications

    • Fascia Wave

    • Fascia Alternating Wave

    • Fascia Braid

    • Fascial Lines - SDL

  • 7

    Edema Applications

    • Intro to Edema Applications

    • Edema

    • Edema - Lower Leg

  • 8

    Spine Applications

    • Intro to Spine Applications

    • Poll

    • Thoracic Spine

    • Lumbar Spine

    • Sacrum

  • 9

    Joint Support Applications

    • Intro to Joint Applications

    • Simple Fetlock

    • Fetlock and Suspensory Support

    • Fetlock and Flexors

    • Fetlock and Extensors

    • Hock (medial and lateral)

    • Hock (DIT and TMT)

    • Stifle

    • Knee (carpals)

  • 10

    Head and Neck

    • TMJ Decompression

    • Trigemenal Nerve

    • Soft Tissue Decompression

  • 11

    BONUS: Business Module

    • Building A Business

    • Building a Business

    • Using Tape In Business

    • Using Tape In Business

    • Ten Tips for Building Your Social Media

    • Ten Tips for Building Your Social Media

    • Building a Business

You have so much to gain.

  • Join a community of people that use innovation and creativity as an avenue toward equine wellness and pain free movement.

  • Learn how to effectively apply kinesiology tape to minimize pain, reduce fatigue, increase healing, reduce injuries, and so much more

  • Learn more about functional equine anatomy and how it informs all avenues of wellness

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Meet The Instructor

Lead Instructor

Ciara Crawford

Hi! My name is Ciara Crawford and I am the Owner and Founder of Sozo Equine, LLC. I am a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist where I practice in outpatient orthopedics and specialize in the upper extremities. Additional certifications include: Certified Equine Massage Therapist Certified Myofascial Release Practitioner Certified Craniosacral Therapist Certified Equine Kinesiology Taping Practitioner Certified Equine Taping Instructor I have a passion for educating and empowering people of all backgrounds to join my pursuit of a world where horses can move without pain.